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Miroir de revĂȘtements toute surface

Catégorie : Design, décoration > Luxembourg (LU)
Prestations : Feng Shui > LU
Adresse : Luxembourg (L-8399)
Forfait déco une pièce : 99 €

couvrir le miroir toute surface
The most basic component for making mirrors is silver. The technology of manufacturing mirrors requires the use of only the purest materials and ingredients.
The procedure for making mirrors is a long enough process - it involves several stages of surface treatment.
It is known that the optical surface of even the best mirror not only reflects, but also partially absorbs, and so - "remembers" the energy incident on it.
Esotericists are convinced that information "stored" by a mirror can radiate and act on our subconscious.
There is also a version that a man is the only living thing that can recognize himself in a mirror.
Mirror is the main criterion of our self-esteem. If you do not like your appearance day after day, it's hard to expect a good mood and well-being.
Therefore, in front of the mirror you need to smile more often. And on the contrary - as rarely as possible approach him in a bad mood.
The popular Chinese doctrine of feng shui gives mirrors a special significance. They are kind of "redistributors" of vital energy in the right direction.
To the home was harmonious, it is strictly forbidden to place mirrors in the bedroom opposite the bed and in the corridor opposite the front door.
On the contrary: the mirrors placed next to the table in the living room or in the kitchen will attract all sorts of well-being to the house. Negative impact on the attitude of the hosts and the interior,
Made using a mirror tile, in which the reflection is "crushed". Such a tile should be located in such a way that it does not directly reflect the residents.
Mirrors should be as large as possible. When leaving for work, it is useful to leave in front of a home mirror any monetary bill - let the finances be reflected and mult

Prestations : Feng Shui

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